SidhTech has quickly grown to become the the must-visit online destination when it comes to breaking news in the smartphone and tablet industry. Having expanded out of Australia and now bragging a staff of 8 international authors across the globe, they are behind the online version of the technology-oriented publication here at SidhTech.com. Our next target will be a TV spot on NBN later this year, a national Australian TV channel.

SidhTech Team

Ian Hemsworth (Editor in Chief): Born in UK but migrated to Australia back in 1998, at the time he worked in web development and online marketing where his passion for gadgets continued to grow. He was later given the opportunity to write a piece bi-weekly for a local tech & lifestyle magazine. The rest is history.

Chris Torberlake (Executive Editor): Chris brings a wealth of experience when it comes to online content publication. He has worked with two newspapers in their online version and also has a keen interest in the automotive business industry.

Thomas Woods (Senior Editor): Our resident teardown expert, Woods has been in the electrical engineering industry before the introduction of power steering and flatscreens. Not only does he serve as our lead reviewer for teardowns of phones and tablets but also our mechanic should our cars run into any issues.

Edward Moyles (Accessories Expert): From official accessories to testing the latest aftermarket new cases, Moyles has been both on and behind the accessories industry for years now.

Kayla Edrington (Staff Writer): Our smartphone tester and green technology expert, Edrington is the newest edition to the SidhTech team. She is also in charge of PR given that she does have the most decent mug among us.

Justin Brown (Staff Writer): Our penta-phones wielding expert, Brown can be found perusing gadget shows as well as international consumer electronics shows on SidhTech’s behalf. Justin owns a Ninja and hopes to trade up to something with a little more horsepower real soon if that road tax break comes to fruition. It’s getting tough juggling all those phones when on a bike.

Zoe Newman (Staff Writer): Newman is the head of our game reviews which looks at the latest titles to hit the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC, all strictly from a mom’s point of view. Ok we’re kidding about the last part. Zoe has the answers.

Travis Williams (Contributing Writer): Originally known for sending SidhTech those many blurry spy pictures of yet-to-be-released phone and tablets undergoing real world tests, Williams has since moved into writing about the latest accessories as well. The youngest member of the SidhTech team, he certainly has a bright future in the consumer electronics publications industry.