2013 MacBook Air Retina In Sleek Black Option Coming This Fall (Rumor)

In April, the Economic Times said there was an impending black version of the 2013 MacBook Air Retina. The source got this info from Apple part suppliers, and claims that this black version will be out in autumn.

We were a bit taken aback by this news of a retina display, as it will make the laptop a bit bulkier. This happened to the iPad when it went retina, as it needed to fit in the extra LED bar. So, the 2013 MacBook Air would have to put on the weight it only recently lost.

It all went quiet for a bit, then we got an email from a reliable someone who said that there was to be a black MacBook Air Retina.

We were a bit “hmmm”, as we’d also seen an email from an actual, real life Apple employee, who said there’s never be a black version. Apparently, Steve Jobs said a black version would show up oil smears and splodges after use and so look unsightly. You have to admit….black iPad? It’s true.

However, there are black iPad Minis and iPhones, so there may well be a black 2013 MacBook Air in the works, but we’ll have to wait and see if it’s retina.

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