Gmail: How To Add Your Personal POP3 Email Account

One of the most used email service is the Google Mail or better known as Gmail. With its new Mail Fetcher feature, users are now allowed to add up to 5 Post Office Protocol 3 email accounts to their Gmail. This feature will remove the hassle in balancing personal and work. So here’s how you can setup your Mail Fetcher.

1. Click on the tools option represented by a gear-looking icon on the top right corner of your Gmail account. A list of options will be made available. You can see Mail Settings there and choose it. Now select on Accounts and Import.

2. Under the Check Mail Using POP3 section, there is the Add POP3 Email Account. Click on it.

3. Fill up the text box with your POP3 email address and proceed by clicking on the Next Step.

4. The next page will prompt you for your POP3’s username and password. Key in your login details. Also, chose from the list of port number after entering the email server address inside the box called POP Server.

5. Now customize the settings that will cater to your preferences by checking on the boxes next to the options.

6. Now complete the setup by clicking on Add Account. This will save the entire settings and add the POP3 email to your Gmail.

Please take note that Gmail will automatically populates the POP server and port fields when your email address is entered. If this does not occur, refer to your email provider for the correct settings.

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