Google Nexus 7 2 vs Kindle Fire HDX vs iPad Mini 2

Anyone considering buying a tablet this Christmas could be considering the Kindle Fire HDX, Google Nexus 7 2nd gen or the Apple iPad Mini 2. In recent tests however the Apple iPad Mini came in at the bottom of the list. This was due to the fact that it doesn’t have image retention and Apple didn’t change the colour gamut since they launched last year’s version of the Apple iPad Mini.

There is a display of indium-gallium-zinc-oxide on the Apple iPad Mini, while on the Nexus 7 this is poly silicon. The Kindle Fire HDX has a display of Quantum Dots. Dr. Ray Soneria made tests on the recently for “Objective Picture Quality, Absolute Color Accuracy, Screen Reflectance, High Ambient Light Display Performance, Peak Brightness, Contrast Ratio, Image Contrast Accuracy, Viewing Angle Performance, Display Power, and Battery Running Time.” The Apple iPad Mini 2 does have the biggest resolution along with having the largest ppi, but disappointingly it has just 63% colour gamut, which was seen on the Apple iPad Mini of last year.

The Nexus 7 along with the Kindle Fire HD both scored 100%, they got the same scores as the Apple iPad 3 and 4. According to the Doctor:

“The new Google Nexus 7 has a very impressive display that uses the highest performance LCDs with Low Temperature Poly Silicon LTPS. The very high efficiency LTPS technology allows the new Nexus 7 display to provide a full 100 percent Color Gamut and at the same time produce the brightest Tablet display that we have measured so far in this Shoot-Out series.

Most impressive of all is the Kindle fire HDX 7 – the first Tablet display to use super high technology Quantum Dots, which produce highly saturated primary colors that are similar to those produced by OLED displays. They not only significantly increase the Color Gamut to 100 percent but also improve the power efficiency at the same time. Quantum Dots are going to revolutionize LCDs for the next 5+ years.

And finally… the iPad mini with Retina Display unfortunately comes in with a distant 3rd place finish behind the innovative displays on the Kindle Fire HDX 7 and new Nexus 7 because it still has the same small 63 percent Color Gamut as the original iPad mini and even older iPad 2. That is inexcusable for a current generation premium Tablet. The big differences in Color Gamut between the Kindle Fire HDX 7 and Nexus 7 and the much smaller 63 percent Gamut in the iPad mini Retina Display were quite obvious and easy to see in the side-by-side Viewing Tests.”

CNET said that they didn’t think the Apple iPad Mini had the same quality which fans of Apple had now come to expect thanks to devices such as the Apple iPad Air. The Air offers full SRGB like the MacBook Pro and Apple iMac. The Apple iPad Mini 2nd gen has deviations in the colours blue, red and magenta too. Along with this the display is disappointing as it is reflective, plus it is about 30% the brightness of the Nexus 7. So anyone who likes to watch videos and movies on their tablet may wish to consider either the Apple iPad Mini 2 or the Kindle Fire HDX, as both are better.

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