Google Nexus 7 (2013): Next-Gen Model Heads To I/O, Slim, Fast & Sharper (Rumors)

When Google and Asus revealed the Google Nexus 7 it went on to become a great success and then a few months later it got a refresh. The tablet sold very well due to the fact that the upfront costs are low and the specs were great. Everyone is saying that the next generation Nexus 7 2013 model will see in excess of 8 million.

It is said that once again it will be Asus that is behind the 2013 Nexus 7 launch and Google should reveal it at the I/O event which takes place next month and the tablet should be on the shelves not long after.

According to product-reviews the source says that the new version of the tablet may achieve around 1 million sales in May. This means that it should be available not long after it is announced by Google. Asus and Google did a superb job when supplying the Nexus 7 and LG might want to take notes.

Rumours have it that the Nexus 7 will arrive with the Qualcomm processor and not the Nvidia Tegra 4. The display should be full HD and the bezel will be small to ensure that the tablet is compact. The cost of the tablet is said to be around the same as tablet on the market at the moment, or it may come in slightly cheaper so as to ward off competition.

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