GTA 5 Cheats: Full Walkthrough For Finding All Spaceship Parts

If you are having trouble finding the collectibles in GTA 5, for example you found Omega but not all the Spaceship Parts, this guide will help you find them.

Other than the Spaceship Parts scattered throughout the world, there are a few types of collectibles in GTA 5. But still, the hardest ones to find are the Spaceship Parts.

There are 50 Spaceship Parts in GTA 5, they have been located and collected. Here is an easy-to-follow video guide for all the locations and where they can be found for you.

Please take note that the collectibles will only be available after Franklin speaks to Omega in one of his Stranger & Freaks side missions for the Spaceship Parts.

These Spaceship Parts in GTA 5 are similar to the Hidden Packages from the previous GTA games. They are scattered all over the map with a huge amount of them hidden in Los Santos and Blaine County.

Don’t forget to return to Omega after you have collected all of the 50 Spaceship Parts for a your reward, a sci-fi dune buggy and also a funny cut-scene.

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