GTA 5: Decoding The Mt Chiliad Mural

Recently a fan of GTA 5 made a posting in the forum for GTA about decoding the strange mural that is on Mount Chilliad and it attracted a great deal of attention from other gamers. The person who posted noticed something after they had looked at the overlay that they had found on the GTA forum. They pointed out that if you overlay the mural on the side of the mountain the red Xs correlate to glyphs.

It seems that 4 is Michaels face, 3 is the UFO over the rain cloud, 2 is the UFO over Mount Chillad and ? is the UFO over the slash marks on top of the crescent moon.

The person pointed out that while they haven’t found the other glyphs on the mountain, going on the pattern there should be two more of them, this is the cracked egg and the red X. They said that maybe the jet pack could be found when you overlay the mural on the mountain. So they asked others in the forum if they had come across any more glyphs and it appears that they had.

It seems that many GTA 5 gamers have ideas about this. They have ranged from a metal door to the left of the mural which could perhaps open when the UFO is visible to someone asking if the six stars in the pyramid in the house of Franklin have anything to do with it.

Another user has gone into great detail and provided a sketch which is on top of the mountain and points out references. So have you worked out what it all means? Or are you, like many players, still trying to work things out and find the secret?

If you want to find out in more detail about how he came to the conclusions check out GTAForums.

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