GTA 5 For PS4, Xbox One & PC: What To Expect

GTA 5 is already out and the disc is still in the console of most gamers. The highly controversial title is probably the best that has ever come from Rockstar yet. GTA 5 has just received the 1.06 update that offers numerous bug fixes and an improved gameplay experience. So what next for the GTA 5 title?

Of Rockstar will continue to monitor the online feature of GTA 5 and provide more DLC and updates when required. The GTA 5 game is released on both Xbox 360 and PS3. Could Rockstar be working on a possible PC version? If so then the many fans that use the PC will be really excited. It was only recently when a petition got submitted to Rockstar from the massive population of PC gamers. They have been crying out loud for GTA 5 to be released on the PC platform.

Rockstar has been on silent mode when it comes to the PC but if we consider the previous release pattern, the PC will have a version of GTA and it will arrive last. So it is highly possible for Rockstar to release a PC version of GTA 5.

If the PC mange to get their version of GTA 5, we can also expect another version for the next-gen consoles, which on the other hand, has been released to the public. GTA 5 is still considered fresh from the oven despite the fact that many gamers have completed the game. If Rockstar is able to release the title to the next-gen, it will really appeal to the fans as the players get to experience a brilliant game on a brilliant machine. GTA 5 is already offering what probably is the best graphic we’ve ever seen on both the PS3 and Xbox 360. It is difficult to imagine on how the game will look like on both the Xbox One and PS4. With the major problems to GTA Online already made known, the release for other platforms will definitely be much more stable and more realistic.

All in all, it is still possible for GTA 5 to reach new heights. We can only wait until Rockstar decides to announce on this. Let’s just hope to get the good news.

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