GTA 5: Which Building Have Interiors & How To Get In

GTA 5 has been released for a couple of months now and is probably one of the best games ever. GTA 5 boasts the biggest map, compared to its predecessors, for players to explore.

The city of Los Santos itself offers plenty of discoveries and places worth exploring. However little is known on how many indoor settings are there in GTA 5.

All the players should know that every store with icon, garages and safe houses can be accessed. What about the hundreds and thousands of other buildings? Well here is what we’ve discovered so far.

Other places with interior are the bank near Vinewood, a building in the military base and some doors at the airport. For the bank, there is nothing you can do inside. This goes for the military base as well since you’re a threat. The doors at the airport will lead you to the roof where you can find helicopters.

Of course there is the Life Invader building, FIB building, Fleeca Bank and the Human Research Lab which you will have to enter in the mission. Such a thing is not made available in open play.

If you have further information on more interiors, do share with us in the comment section below. It will do the GTA community a great service.

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