Half Life 3 Internal Beta 3 Release Notes Leaked, Immediately Criticized As Fake

Over at the Steam store there was a news item that was said to have been written by a developer, which claimed that the internal beta of Half Life 3 had been released. Of course this was fake, but if you were looking at Steam then you may have considered this to be news and the truth.

The item has now been removed; however some people did take screen shots of it. The worst part out of all of it is that it wasn’t meant to be intentional trolling.

You can only imagine how fans must have felt when they logged on to Steam and when over to their news tab and saw concrete news about Half Life 3 and then read again and took notice of what the first letters in each of the update spelt out.

Protected against memory editing

-Enhanced texture quality

-No longer crashes on exit

-In the first level of the second chapter, the game no longer crashes

-Solved the glitch where Alyx would get stuck on the conveyor belt

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