iOS 7 Update Gobbles Up iPhone 4S Battery, Here’s How To Fix It

Last week there was news of a serious battery drain on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S after the upgrade to iOS 7. The iPhone 4S has been particularly badly affected.

It seems that battery life on the iPhone 4S has been affected since the bump up to iOS 6, and after some research, we may have found a fix to this problem.

We’ve spent a lot of hours on iOS 7 beta, and we’ve found there’s a big difference in battery life – it follows the same pattern as iOS 6 did when it came out last year.

It looks like the battery drain issue isn’t hardware related and it happens when the update is installed – this is the case for both iOS 6 and iOS 7 beta.

Tests have shown that the drain-pain isn’t the same for the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S, but this could be just luck, rather than a genuine pattern. It seems quite random, although it may be dependent on the conditions your phone was in when you made the leap. There’s an easier way to install iOS on your website and not have battery drain problems.

So, it’s possible to prevent the drain, but it’s a bit of a faff, and it shouldn’t be something you have to do – Apple should be onto it.

Anyway – you need to make a back-up of your phone and then make a clean installation of iOS in DFU mode. Then hold down the sleep/wake buttons, as well as the home button, until the Apple logo appears. Then you need to keep the home button held down until iTunes lets you know you’re in recovery mode.

You then need to make a new copy of iOS 6 and install iOS 7 beta, then restore your data. If you back up in iTunes, you can revert back to iOS 6 if you’re not feeling the iOS 7 love.

This iPhone 4S drain issue is pretty bad, with phones clunking out in just hours. If you make this clean installation, you can sort this out. You’ll only get the problem if you restore the date and didn’t start off with a clean installation.

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