iOS 7 Kicks iPhone 4S Battery Use Into High-Gear, iPhone 5 Remains Leveled

We have heard a great deal of talk about the battery life of the Apple iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 when updating to iOS 7 beta. It has been said that the battery life of the Apple iPhone 4S does drain down very badly when you have made the update.

The iPhone 5 doesn’t seem to be affected, however the battery of the iPhone 4S does drain down very fast. Many comments were made from people owning the handsets, who said that their battery drained fast when they had updated. We did look into this and found out how to get around the issue with battery drain.

We did spend a great deal of time with iOS 7 beta and we saw a huge difference between the battery lives. However we saw the same thing last year with the release of iOS 6.

The problem isn’t the hardware, it seems to be an issue when you install an update, be it iOS 6 or iOS 7 beta.

We found out that the battery of the iPhone 5 was good, while that of the iPhone 4S drained down very fast. Of course we could have been lucky. However we did find out how to avoid the issue with the battery drain.

You need to back up your handset and then go ahead and make a clean installation of iOS 6 in DFU in iTunes. So hold your finger on the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button. When the Apple logo appears keep holding down the Home button and you will then enter DFU mode.

Now install iOS 6 and then if you want you can go ahead and install iOS 7 beta and then put the data back onto the handset. You can always downgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 6 if you backed up in iTunes.

The battery drain issue was a major problem with the Apple iPhone 4S, but if you clean install first you can get around it. The battery drain problem seems to occur if you restore data without having made a clean installation first.

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