iOS 7 Update Battery FAIL! (iPhone 4S & iPod Touch)

Just recently we saw an article about the iPhone 4S’ battery taking a real hammering after an update to iOS 7. The iPhone 5 seems unaffected, although there have been a few isolated reports of power drain.

This article got a lot of responses from iPhone owners who had seen similar problems after moving up to iOS 6. We had a look at the iOS 7 problems and came up with a solution.

We spent a long time with the iOS 7 beta and we noticed a huge difference in battery life in the iPhone 4S once the beta was in place. The same problem was evident with last year’s iOS 6, with many iPhone 4S owners bemoaning the sudden loss of stamina.

It’s not a hardware problem – the problem is caused by the conditions under which the update is made.

The battery drain problem after installing iOS 7 looks like it happens at random, but it isn’t, and therefore it’s easy to install the new OS onto an iPhone 4S – or an iPhone 5, of course – without this problem.

While we were able to prevent this issue fairly easily, it’s not something you should really have to grapple with, as hopefully Apple will be revealing a fix before long.

To start with, we backed up our test phones, a 4S and a 5, and installed iOS 7 cleanly through DFU in iTunes. You need to hold down the sleep/wake and home buttons until the Apple logo appears, then you carry on holding just the home button until iTunes says you’re in recovery mode.
Then you need to install a new copy of iOS 6, and only then install iOS 7 beta, before restoring your data. You can only revert back to iOS 6 if you backed iOS 6 up in iTunes beforehand.

This battery drain issue was a real problem, as iPhone 4S owners were finding that their handsets were draining down in just a few hours. We now know, though, that this only happens if people restore their back-up without doing a clean installation beforehand.

Have you had the drain pain? Has this solution worked for you?

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