iPad Mini So Terrible It Boosted Amazon Kindle Fire Sales Last Year

Amazon don’t have much to fear by Apple launching their iPad Mini. AllThingsD said today that when Apple launched the iPad Mini, it was the best-selling day for the Kindle Fire HD, since the Fire HD was launched.

iPad Mini launch resulted in boost in Amazon Kindle Fire HD sales

Sales of the Kindle Fire HD more than tripled when Apple revealed the specs of their smaller version of the iPad, and they have continued to do so week after week. However Amazon are not known for releasing their sales figures for the Kindle Fire and thus it is not possible to work out just how well their tablet is selling in comparison to devices from Apple.

Of course the fact that the iPad Mini comes with a price tag of $329 didn’t help with the popularity of the tableti, despite the fact that Apple believes that people will pay over the odds for a small tablet, because it bears the Apple name.

Which of the two tablets would you buy, the iPad Mini starting at $329 for the entry model or the Kindle Fire HD at $199? Then there is the Google Nexus 7 too of course.

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