iPhone 4S & iPod Touch Take A Battering After iOS 7

There’s been a few articles of late that mention how the battery of the iPhone 4S is hammered by the iOS 7 beta update – some people have found that their 4S battery drains down in a matter of hours.

The iPhone 5 seems to come out unscathed, although there’s been a few people affected in the same way after updating to iOS 7. We had a look into this issue and we think we have the solution.

This battery drain happened in pretty much the same way last year when the iOS 6 update came out, with batteries getting squashed right, left and centre.

It’s not a hardware problem, though – it’s related to how you move up from iOS 6 to iOS 7.
The iPhone 5 battery hasn’t drained in the same way, but we think this might be more good luck than good management, as well as the conditions of the phone when you make the installation.

We’ve found an answer, but really, this is something Apple should be working on, rather than the end user, so the company should get on the case PDQ.

Firstly you have to back up your phone then make a clean installation in DFU mode in iTunes – hold down the sleep/wake and home buttons. When you see the Apple logo, you need to hold the home button down, and then iTunes will say when you’re in recovery mode.

You then need to install a clean copy of iOS 6, then go ahead and install iOS 7. Then you can restore your data and apps. If you have made this back up in iTunes, you can always restore iOS 6 if you want to.

The battery drain problem is serious for iPhone 4S owners, as they’re getting a fraction of their old talktime. However, by making a clean installation you can get around it, as it seems to be caused by restoring your back up without doing a clean installation first.

If your battery is ailing, try this process.

In a more recent update, we’ve found that the iPod Touch has been suffering the power drain as well.

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