iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.5 Update Looking Neccessary Now

Thanks to the growing amount of people who have iOS devices calling for another update for fixes to many problems, it is thought that Apple could reveal an update, which would take iOS to iOS 6.1.5.

It is difficult to determine if there is a pattern between the problems with the iPhone 5 or 4S, however you can get some idea about this if you head over to the forums. We have shown an article about battery life issues with iOS 6.1.4 two weeks ago and ever since this update we have seen many owners complaining.

Now it seems that there are new iPhone 5 problems as users are facing battery life issues with the iPhone 5. However this is not due to hardware in most of the cases. This has been proven by users who are not having any issues at all. One reader said that they were able to get a full day from their iPhone 5 with heavy use and when using the device lightly this was two to three days.

We have often seen issues begin following a recent update to the OS; in this case it is iOS 6.1.4. After the update we got mixed feelings as we heard about problems with Wi-Fi being fixed, then seeing many comments on Facebook saying that there was battery drain and no service messages.

Over at Product-Reviews, one staff member said that their phone lasts a day with just one charge, so we were surprised to hear that some people were getting less than 2 hours from their handset. We have seen issues with the iPhone 4S, which were fixed by a software update or a new install.

So what new features would you like to see iOS 6.1.5 and what bugs need to be fixed with this update? We have seen blogs with people talking about problems with the speaker phone; however the iPhone 5 in our office has not been affected.

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