iPhone 5 Positive Review Angers Readers!

Gizmodo and Apple haven’t had the best of relationships ever since the leaked iPhone incident many years ago. So it was surprising when the blog gave the latest iPhone 5 a positive review.

Gizmodo iPhone 5 review mostly praises but still angers many

As Gizmodo explained in their review, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead and get the new iPhone 5. While the device will not win over Android or even Windows Phone fans, the iPhone 5 is refined and it has never looked as good as it does now. Of course there is nothing that makes you go wow, and if you were expecting something ground breaking then you probably had your head up in the clouds. The likes of NFC and wireless charging are just immature demands and technology.

The iPhone 5 has grown up and is out of kindergarten and it has turned out to be brilliant. Apple have managed to identify all the ways in which they could improve on the iPhone and they went ahead and made these things better. It will not take your breath away, but Apple have managed an amazing feat considering the fact that they have perfected what was already one of the best handsets on the market.

They have bettered the body, the processor, and the colours on the display, improved the camera and given the public faster data speeds with the new iPhone 5. They have taken baby steps and sure, they have stumbled on the way, Apple maps for instance, however the end result is still the same, the iPhone 5 is superb and it could be the best gadget consumers could hold in their hands right now.

While there were mainly praises in Gizmodo’s iPhone 5 review, readers took offense to Giz’s views and started tearing away at the phone (and the blog) in the comments. We were really expecting Gizmodo to write an iPhone 5 review that portrayed the device as mediocre and then naturally enraging fans who believe the blog was bitter because Apple had put them on their blacklist due to the whole iPhone 4 leak fiasco from years back. But it looks like they were going to get grilled no matter what they said about the iPhone 5.

Source: Gizmodo

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