iPhone 6 Release Date Set For January 2014, Just 4 Months After 5C?

The Apple iPhone 5C and 5S were revealed and they didn’t come with any huge surprises. This has left fans looking towards the release of the iPhone 6.

There have been rumours going around that Apple could reveal the iPhone 6 in Q1 of next year. CP said that the handset may come with a 4.5 to 5 inch display.

We saw the release of the iPhone 5S in different colours and it came with a fingerprint sensor. The device is offered in gold, silver and grey. It does come with some improvements over the iPhone 5 and it was rumoured that it could be the iPhone 6 before it was released.

The Apple iPhone 5C comes in a plastic design and it is available in blue, pink. White and yellow.

Both of the handsets came out on the 20th September and they have iOS 7.

Apple said that the iPhone 5S is 20 times the speed of the predecessor and it has an image sensor of 15% larger. This means that photo taking in low light should be better. The camera comes with auto focus along with image stabilisation. The Apple iPhone 5S comes with two flashes, these can be adjusted for intensity of colours in more than 1000 combinations according to Apple.

The Apple iPhone 5S is the latest flagship handset, but then you do have to wonder what the Apple iPhone 6 might bring.

The Apple iPhone 5S misses out on video highlights and this means that owners are not able to make digital segments like owners of the HTC One.

The Apple iPhone 5S has the same dimensions as the iPhone 5 and some people did wonder if Apple would try to compete with Android and launch a device that came with a better resolution and display that is larger. There hasn’t been a great deal of change in the iPhone 5S and now fans of Apple are waiting to see if the iPhone 6 will arrive with a larger display.

There were rumours going around that Apple could reveal a phablet sized iPhone, however this may be nothing but just wishful thinking.

What did you think about the Apple iPhone 5S when it arrived and are you waiting for something better by way of the Apple iPhone 6?

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