LG Nexus 4 Price Won’t Fall Cos’ Of Nexus 5

The rupee is going to have a negative effect on the cost of handsets over in India, as they tend to import from abroad. The rupee comes closer to 70 and so this means that it negates the price advantage there used to be when buying phones in the US, where usually they are thought to be cheaper.

The price tag of the LG Nexus 4 has come down as you can now get it for around Rs 14,000, which is about $199. This does happen to undercut the majority of the competition that is high end. Over at the Google Play Store there has been a price drop of $100 for both variants of the LG Nexus 4. Now you can get the 16GB version for around $249, which is about Rs 17,500.

Some people could perhaps not pay a second glance to the LG Nexus 4 when they see handsets with displays of 1080p. But the device has superb specs and it does offer pure Android. It also comes with superb support and it has a price tag that cannot be beaten.

When the LG Nexus 4 was revealed in India last year the 16GB version came in at Rs 25,999. This is higher than the price tag of $349 of course. Google subsidised the cost of the LG Nexus 4 and they get money back in revenue on content that is sold in the Google Play Store. This is why is makes sense to lower the price tag. So the cost of the device wont alter, except for perhaps on the grey market.

Over in India always look for a deal and when it comes to phones this is a big draw on the grey market as it usually allows people to get hold of a phone cheaper than sourcing from abroad.

We did wonder if this pattern would come to the LG Nexus 4 and we did ask sources in the market to find what the price drop would be, they told us that there would not be one. We have seen a price cut and the retailers are aware of it, however the rupee is falling and so this has stopped them from passing savings to those who live in India. Right now the cost of the LG Nexus 4 is Rs 23,500 and this has remained so for some months. If the rupee begins to recover then the cost of the device should come down. So if you want a new handset you may want to wait for a while.

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