Mass Effect 4: What’s In A Name?

Bioware made it known that Mass Effect 4 was coming and this will be the 4th sequel to what has been a very successful gaming franchise. However fans were also a bit disappointed when it was revealed that Commander Shepard would not be in this game.

Shepard has been in the game since it first arrived, but the last game we shall see him in is Mass Effect 3. Some people said that the game ended poorly and they were disappointed with the ending.

It seems that Mass Effect 4 is going to be a totally new story and so much so that Bioware don’t want to call it Mass Effect 4. In a recent interview it was said that fans of the game could be upset if the game gets a brand new makeover.

Gamers fear change to the game could mess the storyline. However you should not worry as it has been said that the game will keep the same weapons, tech and aliens, plus more. There will of course be some new features added in, but things are not going to change all that much.

So Mass Effect 4 is being developed and we are hoping that it won’t be too long before the game is released.

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