Mass Effect 4 Is A Disservice By That Name

BioWare has announced the coming of Mass Effect 4. The fourth sequel to the highly successful gaming franchise will be anticipated by a huge fan base. Before you get excited, do take note that game developer BioWare also took the opportunity to retire Commander Shepard once and for all.

Shepard has been the face of the game in the first trilogy. We have seen the last of him in Mass Effect 3, which received a lot of criticism on the poorly made ending.

Mass Effect 4 will be a totally new story. Even BioWare refused to call it Mass Effect 4 and would rather give it a different name. The game developers are afraid that fans might be upset if Mass Effect 4 sees a total makeover explained the developer in a recent interview.

If you’re a fan of the game and fear for any major changes that might affect the entire storyline, you don’t have to worry no further. Mass Effect 4 will look to preserve its creation such as aliens, weapons, technology and many more. On top of that, the gameplay will see new features added but it won’t change the traditional controls to the game.

With the development of Mass Effect 4 in place, we should see the game coming for a release very soon.

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