Mass Effect 4: Some Official News

Bioware seem to be making some good progress with the new Mass Effect 4 game, which is thought to have the name of Mass Effect 4.

Bioware said on Twitter that the game was coming along great and fans were happy to hear it.

Casey Hudson was talking on Twitter and he gave us some news about how the development was going.

“What’s even more fun than working on the design of a new fictional world? Taking our first into it and looking around,” tweeted Hudson.

Hudson spoke up at the PAX East panel and he mentioned Mess Effect 4 would take place in a new universe. Of course fans then wanted to know in what time frame the game would take place.

Hudson then sent a message saying:

“In a milestone review for next Mass Effect game. Team is doing outstanding work. Looks beautiful, fun, ambitious, and Mass Effect-y!”

So it looks like this is proof that Mass Effect 4 is being developed. Just 6 months ago he talked about production of the game and it does look as though a lot of work had already gone into the game.

“I like it when a plan comes together. Especially a Mass Effect plan,” added when he had sent a virtual high five.

At the moment we don’t know a great deal about the game, other than Commander Shepard not playing a huge part in the game. It is thought that he could make an appearance in the game.

It is thought that gamers can play a character that has been in the game in the past and this may be Aria, Garrus or perhaps the Illusive Man.

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