Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 Update: What’s In The Bag?

There’s a bug-fixing update coming out for Minecraft on the Xbox 360. There’s also another update – TU12 – which should offer even more, suggest the folks over at S&R.

If you look at how 4J Studios release Xbox 360 updates, you’ll see that you’ll probably have to wait a while before you get the Minecraft TU12 patch.

The last major update for Minecraft Xbox 360 was out earlier this month – Update 9. This update was pretty sizeable and gave Minecraft players The End, Spawn Eggs and Ender Dragon.

This update contained a few bugs, though, and they weren’t detected until Xbox Live players spotted them, which was a bit late.

Then we had Updates 10 and 11 come along to fix the bugs that Silver Xbox Live gamers had found when trying to load up saved games.

These bugs delayed the retail version of Minecraft for the Xbox 360, because retailers wanted to include the TU9 update.

There are loads of things that 4J Studios could fiddle with in the TU12 update – texture packs, potted plants, upside-down stairs, the Wither and adventure mode are just a few things rumored to be in the bag.

This new Xbox 360 patch will need to go through the Microsoft certification programme before it comes out of course. So are you excited about a potential Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 update?

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