Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 Update: What’s Probably Coming

Owners of the Minecraft game on Xbox 360 are in for another update to fix some bugs. There should also be another one coming out soon and this will have the name of TU12 and it should bring with it much more.

If you look back into the past at updates from 4J Studios this will tell you that it will be some weeks before the TU12 patch is out.

The previous major update was Title Update 9 and this was revealed earlier on this month.

This update was a large one and it offered gamers The End, Spawn Eggs and Ender Dragon.

However there were some bugs in this update and no one discovered them until it was downloaded by gamers on Xbox Live.

Title Updates 10 and 11 were then revealed and these fixed the bugs, namely bugs to do with loading saved games, and others.

Due to this the retail version of Minecraft for Xbox 360 has been delayed and it could have been because those behind the game wanted to include the latest updates. This was TU9; the next to follow should be TU12.

4J Studios have numerous things that they could tinker around with. These include upside down stairs, texture packs, potted plants, and the Wither plus Adventure mode.

Before the patch can be released it will of course have to get certification from Microsoft.

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