Official AT&T HTC One Android 4.3 Update Now Available Under The Counter

Last month we found out about a leaked version of Android 4.3 for the international version of the HTC One with the build 3.09.401.

the ROM was picked up by developers and it became a flashable zip which rooted handset users could install. The president of global sales for HTC revealed on Twitter that they were going to skip past Android 4.2.2 in the US and go to Android 4.3, before the end of September.

So we are half way towards the end and they are running out of time for the release. But HTC could be about to release Android 4.3 in the US if the latest leak is anything to go on. Last night we saw RootzWiki dev drop a new build over at the forum, for the AT&T version of the HTC One. The build is RUU and flashable from zip. However it doesn’t come with root.

The developer has also warned people that when you update through RUU it does update the hboot and this means that you cannot stop s-off using revone/moonshine. So you are advised to install it with caution.

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