Pokemon X & Y Gameplay vs Graphics: That Old Chestnut!

Each new addition to the Pokémon games offers us something new whether the Pokémon, gameplay, visual qualities or effects. With the release of Pokémon X and Y, we are served with quite a huge improvement on the game. The game has finally break away from its flat 2D visual, the Pokémon X and Y is in 3D.

The Pokémon X and Y takes place in Kalos which is just beautiful with the 3D effect. Another improvement made is the caves, dungeons, and Lumiose City itself, all of which seem to have been turned into experimental playgrounds for techniques which has never been implemented in previous Pokémon games. Despite a lot of the caves in the game are displayed in stereoscopic 3D, the rest of the environments cannot be viewed using the 3D effect on the Nintendo 3DS.

There are also other small details that make the game better, for instance, the Sea Spirit’s Den, a single smaller gloomy cave out in the middle of Pokémon X and Y’s ocean. It is just a blank, open cave but the atmosphere in the cave is surprisingly gloomy with its utter silence with just the sound of water droplets.

Another one is the Reflection Cave. However, this cave is not in stereoscopic 3D but instead, the developers utilize the beauty of the 3DS’ graphical capabilities as much as they can for this cave. You can find the usual puzzles found in the previous Pokémon games in this cave. On the Pokémon X and Y, the Reflection Cave uses visuals enhancements are used as part of puzzle-solving which is brilliant! The cave’s walls are coated with glass-like sheets, allowing you see your reflection almost perfectly. With the combination of a lower camera perspective, you can see the reflection of the ledges in Pokémon caves that are usually blind to the players.

The most unique area in the game is the Glittering Cave. This cave is divided into two sections. The first one consists of a long, tubular cave, barely wide enough to fit the trainers. In this cave, you are given the feel of travelling inside the cave yourself by the eye-level camera perspective. The second part of the cave is just a stomping ground for Team Flare, which is not so unique. There are no random encounters here. Instead, you’ll see a dark patch ahead blocking your way when approached; a wild Pokémon will leap out and draw you into battle.

This warned encounter with wild Pokémon applies to the badlands outside Lumoise City as well. There are no random encounters instead there are moving shadows burrowing around underground. When approached, the shadow will follow you around for quite a while. This badlands is the same as the desert area. To add some variety to the area, there are skate rails, cliff drops and occasional strong wind to hinder your travel.

The new Pokémon X and Y don’t give fans better graphics but also new features and game play. It offers refreshing changes to gamers and gives us a good impression that the future Pokémon games will be more exciting.

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