Forget Pokemon X & Y Leaks, Creators May Have Something New Cooking

The Pokemon Game Show is on and the company behind Pokemon ran a CG video that gave out details about the history of the Pokemon series. The video shows games from the past and the products for each of the systems, this starts with the GameBoy. At the end it shows you the start screens from both Pokemon X and Y.

The video does draw to an end with some high quality computer graphics showing a stand-off between Blaziken and Lucario and they seem to be in a city. At the moment we are not sure what the footage is about but there has been a lot of speculation about it.

So could the video be a tease of some very early footage for a new game that is related to a Pokemon Stadium game? Perhaps heading to the Wii U? or it could be a RPG game along with the lines of Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. It the game is somehow connected to Pokemon X and Y it would be very interesting when considering the possibilities that it could have.

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