Pokemon X & Y Evolution: New Evolutions, Familiar Starters & Hot Rumors

There has finally been some news from Nintendo and Game Freak about the official Pokemon X and Y. They have shown off four new Pokemon that are said to be making their way to the game. Now we have more rumours for you and this is in relation to new evolutions, and the return of three starters.

We have seen Sylveon, Pancham, Fletchling and Elioptile being recently revealed, however up to now we have not heard word on what their evolutions will be. However this week we offer you some information about the game and this suggests that Pancham may evolve into a new creature with the name of Pangoro, at level 30.

There is a twist though and this is that you have to own the dark type Pokemon before the evolution will start and Pangoro will be born. This information was seen on PokeBeach and it said that Inkay will transform into Malimar, however to do this you do have to hold your Nintendo 3DS upside down.

If you are an older player and you are used to Pokemon Red and Blue, then get ready for another rumour as it seems that Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, could all be coming back with a new professor by the name of Prof. Sycamore, and he will let you choose one. This would be amazing if you were able to pick up one of the original starters in Pokemon X and Y and they would join the rest of your Pokemon, with Fennekin, Chespin or Froakie.

Of course at the moment this is just a rumour and nothing has been confirmed by Game Freak of Nintendo. Does it sound as though Pancham would evolve into Pangoro to you? What about Inkay and Malimar, do they sound like squid Pokemon to you?

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