Pokemon X & Y Update: Changing Double Team To Make It More Anime! (Suggestions)

If you’re an anime fan, seeing your favourite hero avoiding the attacks from enemies can really be entertaining. This can be seen in the Pokemon anime when Pikachu unleashes its speed which created multiple visions of itself to avoid attacks from the enemy.

Such an evasion might just make its way to the latest Pokemon X & Y game. At the moment, both Pokemon X & Y game have boasted all kinds of new features and improvements that have changed that typical Pokemon gaming experience. However, the game preserves its traditional gameplay along with all the familiar moves and Pokemon that has appeared on previous titles.

Pokemon gamers from all over the world have been taking part in a discussion over at Reddit suggesting Game Freak to add in a more animated effect to the already great Pokemon X & Y. If you are a Pokemon gamer, then you should be familiar with an evasive move called “Double Team”.

Redditor daedalususedperl revealed that double team will cause the enemy to see two of your Pokemon. Use it again and another clone will pop up. If your opponent’s strike hit the clone, it will disappear. If the opponent hits your original Pokemon, then the damage will be as per normal. In other words, it is similar to Naruto’s signature power where shadow clones are utilized.

Another Redditor known as InazumaBoy added to this suggestion with area damage move like Surf and Earthquake will destroy the double team. Most redditors agree that this is such a brilliant idea which they are pretty sure Game Freak is able to add into Pokemon X & Y.

Some Redditors have been loud in calling Game Freak to add such a feature in a future DLC. However, the game developer have yet to respond on this suggestion by the fans.

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