PS4 PlayGo Explained, Gamers Impatiently Listen

We are now seeing examples of why the Sony PS4 console is going to be a big step up over its predecessor. There are many fans who are excited about the 8GB of GDDR5 RAM coming their way. Now Mark Cerny, a system architect, has further explained some of the mentioned features of the upcoming PS4 and how it will bring fans reduced loading times.

If you didn’t understand what was being said at the PS4 event about the new instant play feature of the PS4, in short it allows you to begin playing games while they are being downloaded. This feature has now been confirmed as Sony PlayGo. This makes full use of the PC based x86 architecture which is able to detect the game you are downloading and then allows the game to be played while the console continues to download the full file to the hard drive of the console.

This of course is good news for everyone as they will be able to enjoy the digital game downloads quicker on the PS4. If you are downloading something that is 4GB the PlayGo system would allow you to begin playing with just a part of the game downloaded.

This means that you would not be faced with the issue of long patch installs before you could start to play the game. Fans of Battlefield know about the issue of patch installs. The PS4 comes with a secondary chip which handles the patches along with updated for the system of course.

One of the downsides to the PlayGo system is that fans have to install games to the hard drive. However this hasn’t actually been confirmed as being 100% accurate yet. Gamers can of course play games from Blu-Ray discs, however Cerny said that when a game is installed on the hard drive, gamers would notice dramatically quicker loading times along with some truly high speed streaming.

We are very impressed that we will be able to say goodbye to the long and painful download and patch time that are currently on the PS3. We are hoping that we will see at demo on the system at the E3, which would give us a better idea as to how it works.

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