PS4 vs Xbox 720 Subscription Based Model (S&R)

Would you get an Xbox 720 or the PS4 if you had it on subscription? This is what the folks over at S&R suggest. Read on.

If you could only get the Xbox 720 thanks to an always on DRM Live subscription that was needed to play any game or to use the system in any way, would you go for it, and would the lower price points be enough?

What about if you did not have to spend $59.99 on a game, as you do not own the games, instead you rent them from the cloud, with some games being included in the Xbox Live membership? Or were added on to the rental costs?

Perhaps you would perhaps get the Xbox 720 for $99 and then pay the base rate of $14.99 per month?

Each of the games you rent would cost you so much per month, and when you had finished with the game, you could un-subscribe and then stop paying for it.

This could work out as the best of both worlds for always on DRM content says the blog.

Paying for hardware that will not always work can be hard to swallow, however that is why the cost should be subsidised by the required subscription, but gamers should not have to pay full price for games that they do not own, this could be enough to convince people that always on DRM would be ok if games could be rented cheaply.

This can be said to be the same for the PS4 and the Xbox 720.

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