Resident Evil 7: 3 Ways It May Get Better

Resident Evil 6 came out for the PC and consoles last year, however the game failed to set off excitement with fans. The design of the game wasn’t that bad and the characters looked good, however there were some design choices that made the game hard to get into. We have heard rumours that Capcom are working on Resident Evil 7.

There are some ways that Resident Evil 7 could be made better and here are three in particular which GamingBolt highlighted that we think are worth highlighting.

Fewer characters in the game

One of the issues with Resident Evil 6 was that there were too many characters in the game and this made it feel fractured. The game felt incomplete with switching characters too quickly, despite its length. The stories in the game were connected and the characters paths did cross, however it gave a feeling of disconnected going from one campaign to the next. When there is a mix of new and old characters you could pick favourites and be playing parts of the game that you don’t really like.

Crossover that is unnecessary

What happened with Left for Dead 2 crossover in Resident Evil 6? The Foursome could be played in Resident Evil 6 could be played along with more signature monsters, such as the Witch, the Tank or Mini Tank as he is called in Resident Evil 6. Why was there a lot of trouble including characters that already had their own zombie game? If people wanted to play them then surely they would play Left For Dead 4? We want to showcase our own players and get creative with multi-player options, but we don’t want to see things from another game.

No need for unlimited ammo

When you play through the game the second time you get unlimited ammo. However Resident Evil is supposed to be a Survival horror game. Once you have completed the game on hard level you should not get a reward this way. The game should be even harder. You should be able to take the equipment you collected in your game and then do it all over again, but with an increased chance of dying. If you have infinite ammo there is nothing to worry about.

There are many things that Gamingbolt would like to see in Resident Evil 7, including, hard-core difficulty, going through the game solo, getting rid of the hyper-sexualized zombie hunters, fewer quick time events, a better inventory system and the game could be more frightening. Check them out for their full list here.

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