Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.2.2 Update Available (SlimBean Version)

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S2 will be happy to hear that there is now an update for their handset to Jelly Bean 4.2.2 thanks to a custom ROM with the name of SlimBean.

The latest version has been revealed by member of the XDA Developers HardCorePawn and the ROM was based on the Android Open Source Project, which means that it has many enhancements, customisation options and features.

To install the ROM you need to ensure that you own the international version and so you can check for this in settings – about phone. Before you go ahead and update you will want to make a back-up and you can do this with CWM or TWPR. You also need to make sure that the USB drivers have been installed.

You need to check to make sure that USB debugging has been installed and this can be done by heading into Settings > Developer Options on Android 4 or later, or if you have Android 2.3 or later in Settings > Applications > Development. If you have Android 4.2 you can check in Settings > About Phone, scroll to the bottom and choose build number. You can then tap on the build number 7 times to reveal the Developer Options in Settings, which are hidden. Then choose enable USB debugging in Settings > Developer options.

You will also need to have 80% battery left.

If for some reason your device gets into a boot loop you can Wipe Cache Partition and then Wipe Dalvik Cache and then reboot the handset. Give the device around 10 minutes or so to settle down.

Follow the instructions here to put the ROM onto your handset.

1. Connect the Samsung Galaxy S2 to the computer with the original USB cable

2. Without extracting, copy the downloaded ROM and Google Apps zip files to the root folder on the phone’s SD card

3. Turn off the phone and disconnect its USB cable from computer

4. Press and hold Volume Up, Power and Home buttons simultaneously until the Samsung logo appears on screen. Then release all three buttons for half a second and hold them again to boot the device into CWM recovery. Use Volume keys to navigate between options and Power key to select an option in recovery.

5. Take a Nandroid backup of the current ROM so that it can be restored later if the new ROM fails to work or you want to return to original ROM. To do a backup, choose Backup and Restore, and then click Backup on the next screen. Return to main recovery menu once backup is done.

6. Perform a full data wipe task as follows: choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset then click Yes on next screen to confirm. Wait for a few minutes until the data wipe process completes.

7. Return to CWM recovery main menu and click Wipe Cache Partition and wait until process is complete.

8. Choose Wipe Dalvik Cache under advance option.

9. Choose Install zip from SD card and then click Choose zip from SD card. Now, navigate to the Slim Bean Build 5 ROM zip file that you copied earlier. Confirm the installation by choosing Yes and the installation will begin.

10. After the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean SlimBean ROM is installed, repeat step 9. But choose the Slim Bean Google apps zip file instead of ROM zip to install Google apps.

11. Once Google Apps is installed, return to the main recovery menu and hit reboot system now to reboot the phone into the newly installed Slim Bean Build 5 ROM.

Bear in mind that the first time you reboot after making the update it can take some time.

If you want to put your old ROM back onto the device, you can boot to recovery and then choose back-up and restore and pick your original ROM.

To install the ROM you need to have the Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300, the Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 or the i9100G version.

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