Samsung Galaxy S3 Tips: Maximize Battery Life With These Tips

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best Android handsets available on the market right now. It went to the top of the charts after debuting in the summer of last year and it has remained there. However while the Samsung Galaxy S3 is superb it has issues with battery life. So if you want to get the best out of the battery then you might be interested in these tips:

Push email is great but it can drain the battery down on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Therefore you could turn this feature off and check for mail every few minutes. They longer you leave the interval, the more you will save on battery.

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S3 charged whenever possible and never let it run empty so that the handset turns off. Draining the battery bare has a bad effect on it over the long term.

Your live wallpaper looks nice and fancy; however it does drain down the battery. Therefore you should choose wallpaper that is static and preferably a dark coloured one.

You might want to turn off the auto-brightness feature on the display. Instead turn down the brightness so that it is as low as is comfortable and this will save you battery life more than the auto-setting.

If you are not using GPS, 3G, location services or mobile hotspot then you can turn these off.

Uninstall any apps that you don’t use, and those that you keep on your Samsung Galaxy S3 make sure that you keep them updated. By uninstalling apps you don’t use you will ensure that they will not run in the background.

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