Samsung Galaxy S3 Price Takes A Dive As S4 Launch Week Arrives

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been a very popular device from the Samsung stable and it is not even one year old yet. Rumours are going around though that the next generation model, the Samsung Galaxy S4, is on its way and we could see on the 14th of this month. The price of the device has started to drop in many countries and this could be an indication that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be making its way out to stores pretty soon after its unveiling.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has continued to top the charts and even today it is a must have device. The handset offers a lot and now that the price is coming down it will be a bargain.

Over in India it started out at Rs. 43,000, it then went down to Rs. 31,900 and now you can get the device for Rs. 29,480. Flipkart have it for Rs. 29, 200 for example.

This will be a great buy, even though the Samsung Galaxy S4 will offer a great deal more. Specs of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are superb as it comes with a quad core processor at 1.4Ghz, it has a display of 4.8 inches and this comes with a resolution of 1280 x 720, there is a camera on the front of 1.9 megapixels and the back camera in 8 megapixels.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 could have the Exynos 5 Octa processor, it may have a display of 4.99 inches and this would be full HD. It may have a camera of 13 megapixels.

Over in Malaysia, another country where carriers don’t offer deep subsidies and hence the real price of products are masked, the Samsung Galaxy S3 price is now just RM1,699. This is comparison to RM2,299 when it launched.

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