Samsung Galaxy S3 Tips: Best Ways To Increase Battery Life

One of the best devices on the market is the Samsung Galaxy S3. The device was released last summer, went straight to the top of the best-selling devices and has been there ever since. We all like to get the most out of our battery and with this in mind here are some tips for you to get the most from your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Rather than syncing your email you may wish to check it manually. Turn sync off and then check mail every 5, 10, 15 minutes or so. The longer you wait the more battery you will save.

Always make sure that you leave your device charging and never let your battery drain down to the point where the device switches off.
Live wallpaper is all well and good but it does drain down your battery. So with this in mind you may wish to have wallpaper that remains static, and choosing a dark one is better, due to the fact that the display is Super AMOLED.

To get the most out of your battery turn down your brightness and you may wish to use the power saving feature on the device.

If you don’t plan on using hotspot or GPS you may wish to turn these off, both of these can drain down your battery fast.

Uninstall apps that you don’t plan on using and keep the ones that you do use up to date.

Remove your email account and then re-add it. This means you will have reset the settings and can now get the most out of your battery.

First make a backup of your device and then reset it back to factory settings, then restore all your data back onto your handset.

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