Samsung Galaxy S3 To Galaxy S4: Should You Be Upgrading?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 arrived in March and it has now taken over from its predecessor. There have been a lot of comparisons made about the two handsets, but today we are only interested in video reviews.

We have seen comparisons of the Samsung Galaxy S4 specs against those of the Mini version of the device. Today we are just looking at the full sized version of the devices.

In the first video you can see that the two do look very much alike, with the main difference being the size of the display. The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a display of 5 inches and the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the display of 4.8 inches. The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes in at 3 grams lighter too.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 offers 306ppi and there is 441ppi with the Samsung Galaxy S4. You can also use the display of the latter with gloves in the winter and cold weather.

Both handsets boot around the same time. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is great for web browsing and the web pages load very fast too. The cameras on both handsets are around the same quality.

The next video shows the biggest difference between the two devices along with some of the more smaller cosmetic changes. It tells you how the handsets feel in the hand. There is nothing wrong at all with the Samsung Galaxy S3, however if you want to play some of the newer 3D games, then the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the winner.

This is the newest handset of course, but this doesn’t mean that it is the best. We have seen software improvements, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 is to get an update and it too will get the software.

In the last of the videos it shows you multi-windows along with the Premium Suite. This means that you can have two apps open in different windows and resize them.

Take a look at the videos and then tell us which of the two you prefer and whether the videos swayed you one way or the other.

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