Samsung Galaxy S4 For Dummies: Keep It Simple, Stupid

There was plenty of excitement when the Samsung Galaxy S4 was introduced to the world and now that the handset is out we thought we would bring you some news about it. So here is a simple summary of the handset by way of a clever infographic.

Samsung have come up with a great way of showing all that the Galaxy S4 offers by way of an infographic.

The infographic shows in a compact form the display specs, the weight and dimension, the two processors, the amount of RAM, battery, cellular, the camera and the OS details. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in white frost or black mist.

They have come up with a way that shows a lot of information about the device while keeping it simple enough for anyone to understand. Of course there are more in-depth reviews available about the Samsung Galaxy S4, but the infographic from Samsung is the easiest to understand.

Samsung Galaxy S4 infographic

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