Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips & Tricks: Some Cool Features

The Samsung Galaxy S4 carries some really cool features. It might not be as powerful as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, there is still a lot of thing that the Samsung Galaxy S4 can do that most Android smartphones can’t. Here are some of the cool features;

• iTunes Syncing
The Samsung Galaxy S4 can by synced with the iTunes using the Easy Phone Sync app. The Easy Phone Sync app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. So if you use iTunes as your default media library on your computer, you will have no problem syncing your Galaxy S4’s media.

• 5. Smart Stay
The Smart Stay feature is really useful if you read a lot on you Samsung Galaxy S4. IT controls the dimming of your screen, turns of the screen when you are not looking at it and turns it on again once you are looking at the screen again. To enable the Smart Stay feature on your Samsung Galaxy S4, go Settings menu.

• Changing Fonts
Fonts on the Samsung Galaxy S4 can be changed. There are a few different fonts pre-installed in the Samsung Galaxy S4 Settings and you can also download more fonts from the Google Play Store.

• Simplified User Interface
We have to admit that some people are not quite tech savvy as others. If the Samsung Galaxy S4 user interface is somehow too complicated for a user, the user can simple enable the “Easy UI mode” in the Settings and it will simplify the home screen, widgets and other user interface features on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

• Lock Screen Customisation
The Samsun Galaxy S4 lock screen can be customised. It has a row of icons which will launch apps directly. By default, you can see the dialler app, SMS app, S Voice and camera. If you want to change them, you can do so by looking for the Lock Screen sub menu in Settings.

There you have it. You can try any of these features if you have not already discovered them.

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