T-Mobile iPhone 5 Unlimited Everything Plan: There’s More To It

For a long time rumours were going around that T-Mobile would making some big changes and now those rumours have come true as they had launched plans that are much easier to understand. The plans begin at $50 per month if you want unlimited text and talk and this comes with 500MB of internet access, but it is throttled. This is good news for those who don’t want to have to count messages and minutes and they can keep a track of just the data they use. The plans are different in that there is no two year commitment.

We can now tell you that you can take out a plan with or without a new handset. If you decide to go for a new handset like the T-Mobile iPhone 5 then you can pay it in full or you can pay it in instalments. If you decide to go for the former the cost of the handset can be scaled. The Samsung Galaxy S3 for instance will have the cost of $20 per month. The HTC One S will cost you $15 per month. You also have to make a down payment and this would be the subsidised cost of the device. If you want to pay this in one, you can, and this means that you will know just how much the devices cost.

The plan comes with talk and text that is unlimited, which means you have only to think about date. If you pay out $50 then you would get 500MB. Over this amount and you fall back to 2G data speeds. The data plans have tethering too, which is great news. T-Mobile at least doesn’t force their customers to pay over the odds for using capped data on another handset.

If you have a need for more data then you can choose to take out a capped data plan that comes with tethering. These will go up in amounts of $10. This means you pay around $60 for 2GB, $70 for 4GB and so on. The maximum amount is 12GB and you would have to pay $110 for this each month. Spring offer an unlimited plan for $110. However you have to consider the fact that there is no tethering in this. Verizon are offering shared data f 2GB for $100 each month. T-Mobile is therefore competitive with their plans.

If you do not wish to pay out for high speed data that is capped you could pay for high speed unlimited by adding on $20 extra onto the base plan. $70 is the same price as the 4GB plan, however there is no tethering. You would need to make sure that you would use 4GB per month.

T-Mobile are offering plans that other carriers do not offer and they have made things simple for their customers, their customers also enjoy rates that are reasonable. This will be something that you have to weigh up against the fact that the handset will cost more to start with as it isn’t on contract.

Bear in mind that right now you don’t get LTE with T-Mobile and the coverage is nothing to get excited about. So you can get hold of the Apple iPhone 5 with T-Mobile, however without the LTE it will be a bit of a let-down.

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