T-Mobile iPhone 5: T-Mobile Opens Up

The Apple iPhone 5 will soon be in T-Mobile stores soon as up to now they have been the only US carrier not to stock the device. This was due to them not wanting to offer the device with the large subsidies Apple expect. Sprint gave in to Apple and they will not get profits on the device before 2015.
In the US the Apple iPhone 5 has been among the best-selling devices and T-Mobile was left with devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and LG Nexus 4 to bring in customers last year. Some people have wondered why T-Mobile didn’t just give in as their plans are good as is their coverage.

T-Mobile will be getting their hands on the Apple iPhone 5 and the CEO said that this will happen within 3 to 4 months. However they are doing away with subsidies. This means that you can get the handset, but that you do have to pay full price. This means that you won’t get it with subsidies for around $199 on a two year contract.

Instead you can expect to pay out around $649 for the 16GB version of the T-Mobile iPhone 5. However you can make a down payment and then pay it off in installments too. Monthly plans will be lower of course and this means that people may pay out if they are going to save money each month.

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