Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Right Now

If you have bought the Samsung Galaxy S4 you will perhaps want a case to keep it nice and clean. Before the device was released cases came onto the market and we have already seen some of them.

Now that the handset is in stores we have five of the best cases for you.

The first of the cases is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Cygnett FlipFiber case. This is not just a case; it is also a screen protector too. It is similar to the official flip covers and it comes with a slot in the case for a card.

The next case is the Samsung Galaxy S4 iSkin Exo case. This is very rugged and it offers more protection than the first case. The case is made from hard plastic with sides of rubber. The case doesn’t add bulk, however it is a little on the ugly side.

The next case is the Spigen Neo Hybrid and the case doesn’t feel as good as the the Samsung Galaxy S3 version, however the new version is flatter and it is better looking.

The Cushi Band Frame case is a bumper case and as such it doesn’t offer a great deal of protection. The band has a minimalist look so there is little bulk. Of course sometimes these cases stretch, but thanks to the mix of rubber and polycarbonate, this should not be an issue.

The last case is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Cygnett Workmate Evolution case. It makes the handset look cheap. It is rugged and will protect the handset, but you have to give up great looks for this.

So these are our choice of cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4, which of these do you fancy?

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