TU13 Wither Skeleton Aside, The Xbox 360 Minecraft TU12 Update Release Date Still Hanging

Jeb Bergen said that the TU12 Xbox 360 update for Minecraft would be with us before July. We’re now in August, so we may well have a longer wait than anticipated, as it’s all gone quiet.

We were supposed to see this TU12 patch by the end of July, but now it looks like it might not be out this summer at all. 4J Studios is still working on issues, apparently, but gave fans some encouraging news about the new content for Minecraft Xbox 360.

The studio sent a teaser image – supposedly taken from the Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12 patch – which shows additions to the XBLA port. Apparently, mob heads and cats are on the way – this news came to light after news of the update having a jungle biome. The fans have been waiting for 3D items, and fortunately it looks like they’re coming.

The Wither Head skeleton isn’t out just yet – it’s still being perfected – so we may have to wait until at least TU13.

We don’t know when update 12 will be out, as it has to go through certification, which might take a while. Then we’ll see it on the Xbox Live calendar – we’re hoping for the middle of August – or maybe the end.

As soon as we know anything, we’ll let you know.

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