Verizon Nexus 5: Getting Back On The Google Bandwagon

Verizon and Google haven’t had the best of relationships to date. This is no secret of course.

Ever since there were talks about a Verizon Nexus One which in the end didn’t come to fruition, Verizon users already knew that a Nexus smartphone on the largest US carrier would be stretch.

Nevertheless we saw a Samsung Galaxy Nexus land on Big Red after the Nexus S remained only usable on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. However this wasn’t a match made in heaven as most Nexus fans expected. Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus buyers soon found out that by Verizon sticking their fingers in the software, it meant that speedy Google updates were no longer in their reach.

While other Samsung Galaxy Nexus units were seeing new Android updates swiftly, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus was at the back of the pack (and still is).

So now with Google I/O just around the corner, rumors of a Verizon Google Nexus 5 have kicked off. So what are the odds that we could see a CDMA Google Nexus 5 with VZW?

Slim is unofficial answer. Earlier last month, we posted a tip we received from a credible Verizon source in regards to the Verizon Galaxy Nexus debacle. According to the tipster who has been right in the past when it comes to Verizon rumors, Google and Verizon had come to an agreement last year that Verizon wasn’t to ‘touch’ the software that came in the Galaxy Nexus. However after the deal was done and the units distributed, Verizon engineers were “put to the task” of insterting Big Red’s touches on the Nexus. And apparently Google wasn’t happy with that.

The Google Nexus 5 may be just under a month away from its official unveiling at Google I/O. However the odds of it making its way to Verizon don’t look good. Unless Verizon has some way to get on Google’s good side again, their likely off the Nexus bandwagon for good.

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