Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 – When, and How Much?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was revealed last month, and we thought we’d be seeing it come out on all the big US carriers.

So, customers on Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T have all been waiting for a firm release date, with Verizon customers expecting to wait the longest. Well that is based on past experience with Samsung devices of course, not an official statement of any sort.

Verizon is the US’ largest carrier, but it’s always the slowest to bring out new handsets or updates. The company has been last to get the S-Series out all along the line:

Verizon was last to launch the original Galaxy S3 among the top 4 US carriers, they were the only ones to skip the S2 and once again last with the S3. They are also slow with rolling out updates for Samsung devices (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus).

Samsung has said that the Galaxy S4 will be on the shelves by the end of April, and US Cellular and AT&T have said they’ll be taking pre-orders next week. They’ve also revealed a price….so what’s holding up the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4….again?

We still don’t know when pre-orders for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 will start, and we’ve got no idea about the price. Sprint hasn’t announced a date or a price yet either, but the company is known to announce and then get cracking straight away, so again it seems like Verizon is lagging behind once more as they haven’t made any move whatsoever.

We’re hoping that Verizon doesn’t take too long – but going on past performances, we could be waiting until May-end or even June for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4.

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