Xbox 720 Release Date Pushed To 2014, Well Behind PS4 Now?

Everyone is waiting for 21st May and highly anticipated Microsoft event, where they will reveal the next gen Xbox 720. However a rumour is going around that says the next generation Xbox may not arrive until 2014. The delay is said to be down to an agreement that is exclusive which Sony has on the Blu-Ray disc format.

The PS3 does run Blu-rays of course and Microsoft went for DVD with the Xbox 360. When it came to the storage wars it was Sony that took the victory. However Sony having utilised the Blu-Ray format first may pay dividends for them as it could have serious repercussions on Microsoft, if we can believe the rumours of course.

MondoXbox said that Microsoft may have to wait for 2014 before they are able to release the next gen Xbox 720 with support for Blu-Ray, due to issues with licensing thanks to Sony having exclusivity on consoles with Blu-Ray discs.

If this rumour is true, this could be rather clever by Sony, as Microsoft will be left with a massive headache. Everyone expected the next Xbox 720 to come out during the 2013 holiday season over in the US, however it could come down to just the Sony PS4 being released during the month.

Of course at the moment this is just a rumour. It is worth keeping an eye on though as we get closer to the next generation Xbox 720 event on 21st May. So would you wait until 2014 to get your hands on the next gen console?

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